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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS002159)

Problems of Logic in Documentation (Basic Problems of Subject Classification and Indexing---II)
No.2, p.159-172

The author tries, in the introduction to this article, to restate and clarify the notion of the forms of classification first taking examples of the use of enumerative classification schemes and categorical classification schemes based upon the re-examination of fundamental concepts, then proceeds to examining the function of indexing, which could be divided into two steps, namely, first the finding of location of needed item and second the identification of it.

In the main body, two basic problems related to subject treatment of documents, namely “logi” in connection with “syntax” and “semantics” are discussed. To clarify problems related to logical approach, Mr. P. H. Kingbiel's theory of “Language oriented retrieval syste” is carefully checked against other theories, such as that of Mr. Bar-Hillel. The focus is put on the feasibility of the employment of Boolean algebra to document and/or information retrieval, the function of logical circuit, the comparison of more or less sophisticated systems, such as W. R. U. system, U. D. C., coordinate indexing.

In the last analysis, the author assures the necessity of closer examination of the effectiveness of facet analysis in classification and corresponding indexing system and pursues the way to solve problems of preparing and revising thesauri to meet the rapidly changing situation.(Japan Library School)