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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS004089)

Teaching of Cataloging with Emphasis on Dr. Sickmann's “Gehirnakrobati” in Koln Bibliothekar-Lehrinstitut
No.4, p.89-105

It is apparent that not a few people are interested in acquiring knowledge of education and training for librarianship elsewhere other than the United States.

As a sample case the writer chose the situation in West Germany where the tradition and conception of librarianship seems considerably different from that in the United States, and tried to put emphasis upon the teaching method of catgloging courses.

The fundamental course in cataloging carried out by L. Sickmann in Cologne School for Librarian, 1955--1960, is introduced by the writer. He compares Sickmann's method and procedure with his own through experiences gained since 1955 in Japan and tries to clarify some guiding principles based upon Sickmann's procedure though he is not quite agree with the separate treatment of descriptive cataloging course from subject cataloging course.

The writer's preference is to give a “descriptive and subject catalogin” course in a unified form at least at the beginning or before practical exercise. It may be named “Organization of materials for use”

The writer estimates Sickmann's “Gehirnakrobati” very high and points out several topics which seem to be suitable for that kind of teaching technique. They are divided as follows: That in connection with descriptive cataloging course, that in subject cataloging course, and that in unified course.

(Japan Library School)