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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS007087)

The Quotations---the First Process for the Compilation of the Comprehensive Japanese Dictionary---
No.7, p.87-107

In this article it is intended to clarify the necessity of gathering and recording quotations and of describing the definition of each word based on them. For the study of vocabulary, quotations are also useful and indespensable. A comprehensive dictionary, therefore, is to include them as many as possible in an effective way.

In the historical study of each word, changes in meaning and usage should be described and dated. Accordingly, the first and most important process of compiling a comprehensive dictionary is to gather rich quotations so that the above is made possible.

Secondly, the writer believes that in Japanese, in which Chinese characters are used together with kana's, not only the meaning of word but also that of each Chinese character must be provided to satisfy the conditions for a comprehensive Japanese dictionary. Therefore, as an example, a Chinese character‘愛’which can be translated ‘lov’ in English is examined to prove the necessity of recording the meaning of each Chinese character.

On using dictionaries, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of individual dictionary, and at the same time each dictionary must be examined to find its merits and demerits. After looking over existing Japanese dictionaries, the author tried to show the direction of compiling a usable Japanese dictionary based upon an evidence gained from the data concerned the historical change of usage and meaning of the specific character cited above.(Department of Mathematical Engineering and Instrumentation Physics Library, University of Tokyo)