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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS061153)

A Framework for Evaluating Reference Services and Methods for Quality Evaluation
No.61, p.153-176
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Purpose: This study aims to develop a framework for evaluating reference services in public libraries, and to propose a practical technique for measuring the quality of reference services based on the framework.

Methods: Some previous studies on evaluating reference services are reviewed to construct anew framework for the evaluation. The resulting framework consists of four dimensions: constructional components of evaluation, context of evaluation, criteria of evaluation, and methods and measures of evaluation. Based on a review of the literature, this paper suggests that the quality of reference services should be evaluated through questionnaire surveys of library users because this method has proven to be effective. The author attempts to develop a questionnaire that can effectively assess the quality of reference services from the viewpoint of library users, by carefully examining the results of focus group interviews of actual users of public libraries.

Results: A new framework for evaluating reference services, which has hitherto never been considered, is constructed through a literature review and critical analysis in this paper. Also, a template of questionnaires for evaluating the quality of reference services is developed as an effective evaluation tool.

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