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Library and Information Science Paper (ID LIS061177)

Significance and Problems of Framework for the Future: Action Plan 200406
No.61, p.177-197
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Purpose: Framework for the Future is a paper on the long-term strategic vision of public libraries in the decade ahead, which was published in 2003 in the UK by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Based on this document, Action Plans have been formulated and published every three years by the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council. This paper discusses the significance of Action Plan 2004-06, and identifies the problems of the plan through analysis of its contents, outputs, and opinions on the plan as stated by librarians and others.

Methods: Through an analysis of Action Plan 2004-06 and related literature, the author examined the contents of the plan (the structure, correspondence with Framework for the Future, the organizations that actually carried out the projects, and their budgets), the outputs of the projects, and opinions of librarians and others (comments presented in related literature; number of times the bulletins of a professional organization have reported on the projects).

Results: It is significant that the plan applied a new style of policymaking in a comprehensive public library policy. That is, the Action Plan was based on a strategic vision. The analysis showed that various actors, including the central and local governments, private firms and non-profit organizations, participated in its implementation.

The paper also points out some problems, such as: insufficient financial resources, the unclear connection between each policy and public library services, and little participation by librarians.

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