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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS065037)

アメリカの図書館経営における経営戦略論 :1960 年代から 2000 年代
Theories of Strategic Management in American Libraries: from the 1960s to the 2000s
No.65, p.37-82

【目的】本研究の目的は,1960 年代から 2000 年代のアメリカの図書館経営における経営戦略論の特徴を明らかにすることである。具体的には,1)アメリカの図書館経営の現場で経営戦略論がどのように適用され,2)経営戦略論が図書館界にどれほどの影響を与えてきたのか,また,3)それがどのように図書館の現場で受けとめられてきたのかについて明らかにすることを目的とする。


【結果】事例分析からアメリカの図書館における経営戦略論では,「計画」と「評価」に重点が置かれていることが明らかになった。しかし,経営戦略論に基づいて立案した経営計画を執行する段階になると,適切に執行することができない事例が多かった。また,図書館経営の現場では,「経営組織論」に結びつきやすい経営戦略論を選択し,外部環境を理論の中心に置く経営戦略論は選択しなかった。経営組織論の中でも,特に組織学習につながった「コア・コンピタンス経営」は,図書館員に積極的に受け入れられ,他の経営理論に比べると適切に執行されていた。文献件数の調査からは,1960 年代以降,営利企業を対象とした経営戦略論の影響は時代を経るごとに増し,経営学の領域で経営戦略論が考案されてから,それが図書館に適用するまでの時間も縮まっていることが明らかになった。


Purpose: This paper clarifies the characteristics of theories on the strategic management of libraries in the United States, focusing on: 1)how strategic management concepts have been applied to operations or tasks in libraries, 2)the degree to which strategic management theories have an impact on them, and 3)whether library staff place a high value on the results of applying the theories.

Methods: First, a set of strategic management theories to be investigated was selected from standard textbooks of business administration and library management. Second, for each theory in the set, bibliography and bibliographic databases, Library Literature, LISA and LISTA, were searched in order to identify documents discussing it. Third, cases studies and bibliometric analysis were attempted based on the documents. In case studies, some actual cases of applying the theories to library management were extracted from documents, and how the theories were implemented in library operations and how they were evaluated by library staff were analyzed. On the other hand, in bibliometric analysis, the numbers of documents were counted by year, and chronological trends of popularity of the theories in libraries were empirically clarified.

Results: The cases studies show that library managers in the US are particularly concerned about 'planning' and 'evaluation'. However, in most cases, it would have been difficult to progress from planning to practice. Also, library managers tend to select theories on administrative organization rather than those oriented toward the external environment. Although most management theories were not adequately implemented in the cases, only theories on core competence would have been accepted positively and incorporated adequately into practice in libraries. The bibliometric analysis clarified that the impact of management strategy theories is increasing each year, and new theories are being applied in library situations more quickly.

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