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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS067001)

Heizo Ito and His Practical Thoughts about Libraries
No.67, p.1-38

【目的】伊東平蔵(1857 ∼ 1929)は,明治末期から昭和初期の日本の図書館界で,図書館設立に精通した人物として知られている。彼は東京外国語学校の教授を務め,一方で多くの図書館設立建設準備にあたった。しかし,彼に関する先行研究は充分に行われてきたとはいえない。本研究の目的は,伊東平蔵の人物像と,実践の中で培われた図書館思想を明らかにすることである。


【結果】伊東の生涯を 7 つの時期に分けて検討を行った。彼は東京に市立図書館がなかった時代に,市民のための通俗図書館の設立運営にあたった。伊東は私立図書館,市立図書館,県立図書館と性格の異なる図書館を設立し,その運営に当る一方,人材育成を通じて図書館界の基盤の必要性を唱え,その整備と内容充実に力を注いだ。こうした実践の中で,彼の考え方は,小規模な図書館を数多く設立することから,図書館の通俗性を維持しながらも自治体の規模にあった図書館を設立すること,さらに府立図書館や県立図書館と市町村立の図書館の役割分担が重要であることへと展開していった。


Purpose: Heizo Ito (1857‒1929) is known in the library community of Japan for his involvement in the establishment of several libraries in the late Meiji and early Showa period while serving as a professor at the Tokyo Foreign Language School. However, there have been very few previous studies on him. The present study examines his personality and also his thoughts about libraries that evolved through hands-on work.

Methods: Published documents and materials used in previous studies were carefully re-examined. In addition, the author surveyed Ito’ materials (copies of letters, personal diaries, etc.) held by Yokohama City Central Library and a variety of records stored in the Tokyo Metropolitan Archives. Ito’s thoughts about libraries were clarified by analyzing papers published by Ito and other documents.

Results: Ito’s life can be divided into seven periods. In the period of constructing a city library in Tokyo, he was associated with its establishment and the management of popular libraries for citizens. Ito made plans for constructing various types of libraries such as private libraries, municipal libraries, and prefectural libraries. While managing these libraries after their construction, he decided it was necessary to strengthen their foundation through systematic training of library staff. During such hands-on activities, his concern gradually changed from setting up many small libraries to building medium- or large-scale libraries according to the size of area served, while maintaining their popularity. He also realized the importance of clarifying the different roles between municipal libraries, prefectural libraries, and city libraries.

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