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三田図書館・情報学会誌論文(論文ID LIS071001)

Concept of Facet of Ranganathan and Vickery from the Viewpoint of Structure-expression Style Theory
No.71, p.1-25



【結果】Ranganathanのファセット概念自体は「区分肢の総体」という単純なものである。しかし,Colon Classificationにおいてファセット概念とともに「独立要素から成る記号法」も導入されたため,ファセットを用いることと独立要素から成る記号法を用いることが一体化していると誤解されてしまった。また,独立要素から成る記号法も「分類記号の合成」と混同されてしまった。これら3つの概念は構造–表示方法説に基づけば明確に区別すべきである。これらの混乱が,Ranganathanの後の著作やVickeryの著作全体に影響を与えた。


Purpose: This study discusses three research questions from the viewpoint of structure-expres-sion style: (1) what is the concept of “facet” proposed by Ranganathan, (2) how did Ranganathan and Vickery consider the relationship between analytic-synthetic classification and faceted clas-sification, and (3) how did Ranganathan and Vickery consider the relationship between facet and fundamental category (or common facet).

Method: In a previous paper, the present author investigated each work of Ranganathan in chron-ological order. This paper reanalyzes the results obtained in the previous paper based on the the-ory of structure-expression style. This theory distinguishes two kinds of categorization methods of classification systems: one is by structure, either hierarchical or multi-dimensional, and the other is by expression style, either enumerative or synthetic. The writings of Vickery are also investigated and compared with those of Ranganathan based on the same theory.

Results: The concept of Ranganathan’s facet is “totality of the classes.” Although this concept itself is simple, a current misunderstanding is that facet may be used in combination with “nota-tion consisting of plural independent elements,” because both of these are adopted in the Colon Classification. Notation consisting of plural independent elements has also been confused with “composition of class numbers.” These three concepts should be distinguished definitively based on the theory of structure-expression style. These confusions influenced the later works of Ranganathan as well as the entire body of work of Vickery.

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