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Library and Information Science:Rules on Submissions (Amended on July 08, 2013)

  1. Only Individual Members may make submissions. In cases involving co-authored submissions, at least one of the authors must be an Individual Member.
  2. Submissions are limited unpublished works of three types: an Original Article or a Review Article.
    • Original Articles shall take the form of an announcement of the complete results of an original research, and shall include an explanation of the background to the research and a circumspect discussion of the significance of the research results.
    • Review Articles shall offer a comprehensive overview of publications pertaining to a specific theme or field, and organize trends in current research from a certain perspective.
    Manuscripts may be submitted at any time.
  3. Submission Methods
    • Submissions shall include the following.
      • a) Title Page
      • b) Abstract (English)
      • c) Table of Contents
      • d) Text
      • e) Notes & References
      • f) Figures, Tables, Etc.
      Refer to the Guidelines on Writing Articles for instructions on how to prepare each of these items. Moreover, in addition to the Title Page, the author’s (the representative author when more than one is involved) name, contact address and email address must be clearly noted in the email accompanying submission of the manuscript. This will be used solely for editing purposes.
    • Submissions shall be sent as either a Microsoft Word or PDF file(PDF file is better). They can be submitted either as one file including items a) ~ f), or as two files, with item f) Figures, Tables, Etc. being sent in a separate file from the other items.
  4. Address for Submissions
    • Library and Information Science Secretariat
      Email address: lis-edit at(@)
    • As a rule, manuscripts may only be submitted by email. If submission by email is not possible for reasons such as a file being too large, electronic media may be posted to the following address. In such cases, an email should be sent to the email address above to inform the Secretariat that a manuscript has been submitted by post.
      The School of Library and Information Science, Faculty of Letters, Keio University, 2-15-45, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8345
      Please note that submissions will not be returned.
  5. Publication of submitted articles shall be determined by the Editorial Committee on the basis of referees’ reports (2 referees for Original Articles and Review Articles). The date the manuscript arrives at the Secretariat shall be regarded as the Date of Receipt and the date publication is approved by the Editorial Committee shall be regarded as the Date of Acceptance. Manuscript amendment may be requested as a result of a referee’s report. The format of amended manuscripts shall be the same as for the initial submission, and shall be in accordance with Regulation 3.
  6. When submitting a final manuscript to the Secretariat after publication has been determined, in addition to submitting the relevant file(s) by email, three printouts shall be sent to the Secretariat by post (see Regulation 4 for the address). The Secretariat will check details such as format and may request resubmission.
  7. Copyright for the article shall belong to the Mita Society for Library and Information Science. An official letter of agreement for transference of copyright is available. Please contact the Secretariat for details.